Happy Mothers Day

Hi there all, Happy Friday once again.  Today I am going to say Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there.  I love this weekend as I love to enjoy my Mothers Day in the outdoors and hopefully in the Sun eating my first taste of Local Lobster.  OMG I love those wonderful tasty crustations from the Ocean.  I know there are other species of lobsters in the world as I have tasted them in some southern locations, but I have to say our lobsters are the best in the world bar none.  Succulent, juicy, sweet, and cooked just till tender.  This is how I spend my mothers day.  Now I know that to really enjoy those NS lobsters you should have a great bottle of wine to go with them.  My favorite wines are the local whites which really make our seafood shine.  Our Tidal Bay wines are crisp, lightly dry and are perfect for this occasion.  Pick one from your favorite winery such as Benjamin Bridge, Jost, Gaspereau, or one of the many available in store this weekend.  Another favorite of mine with seafood is sparkling wine which also goes great and sure makes Mothers day a little bit more special.  I really love the bubbles and there are so many new different types to try and of course our own Nova 7 is a perfect example how wonderful our local white wines really are.  Come on in and find that perfect bottle of NS wine this weekend for your Mother.   Goodbye for now and enjoy your weekend.pexels-photo-248455.jpeg


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