Happy Mothers Day

Hi there all, Happy Friday once again.  Today I am going to say Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there.  I love this weekend as I love to enjoy my Mothers Day in the outdoors and hopefully in the Sun eating my first taste of Local Lobster.  OMG I love those wonderful tasty crustations from the Ocean.  I know there are other species of lobsters in the world as I have tasted them in some southern locations, but I have to say our lobsters are the best in the world bar none.  Succulent, juicy, sweet, and cooked just till tender.  This is how I spend my mothers day.  Now I know that to really enjoy those NS lobsters you should have a great bottle of wine to go with them.  My favorite wines are the local whites which really make our seafood shine.  Our Tidal Bay wines are crisp, lightly dry and are perfect for this occasion.  Pick one from your favorite winery such as Benjamin Bridge, Jost, Gaspereau, or one of the many available in store this weekend.  Another favorite of mine with seafood is sparkling wine which also goes great and sure makes Mothers day a little bit more special.  I really love the bubbles and there are so many new different types to try and of course our own Nova 7 is a perfect example how wonderful our local white wines really are.  Come on in and find that perfect bottle of NS wine this weekend for your Mother.   Goodbye for now and enjoy your weekend.pexels-photo-248455.jpeg


How to pick a wine in the NSLC

Hi all, i am going to help you pick a wine in the NSLC.   I see a lot of people come in and say will you help me pick a wine, I don’t know anything about wine.  Well there is a lot to know, but most can do very well with a few simple questions.  First you ask yourself how much you are willing to spend?  SO lets say your have a budget of $20.  Next ask yourself who is the wine for?  What style of wine do they like? Red or White? IS it a celebration for someone, or is it just an evening with a nice meal or relaxing with friends?  Once you have that figured out  the rest is easy.  So lets say the person is a white wine lover.  Next ask if they like Dry medium or sweet wine.  Once you get this figured out its all laid out for you.  Pick a country, and go from there.  The tags in my store are there to help you and will tell you the style of the wine and the dryness and any food pairings you are wanting to pair with.  The wine is also laid out from top to bottom on the shelves.  Top are the Highest prices and best  we have to offer.  Second shelve are the middle of the road priced options, and the bottom shelf are the lower priced options and or value priced wines in a larger bottle.  Don’t let that bottom shelf fool you though because they have some awesome wines there that people gravitate to all the time, and i do as well.  For example the Smoky Bay wines from Australia and retailing for $10.99 and is an exceptional quality for such a small price, and flies off the shelf fast.  Well thats all for today folks, but the next time you are shopping in the store, take a peak and see what you find that new and wonderful in the NSLC. See you next week.

In Italy Food and wine are all about the experience, Local fresh ingredients, and home cooking are the things that matter most in the Country shaped like a boot! Then there is the wine. World wide the wines of Italy are enjoyed and discussed over the meal. That meal may consist of pasta, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and of course Wine. Favorites of mine are Tommasi Valpolicella, Ruffino Chianti, And in White Orvieto Casasole. Very easy drinking wines that will accent your meals very nicely. Enjoy your weekend all.

Happy Friday everyone. Today I am going to talk about Italian Wine. My favorite category. I love Italian food therefore I love their wine because its all about the wine and the food in Italy. I am a fan of the Valpolicella, Chianti, and Pinot Grigio. Most Italian wines are medium bodied and are very food friendly so Steak or Spagetti, or Stew, they all match well. On the lighter side a crisp light Pinot Grigio with Cream sauce pasta and shrimp also hits the spot. Enjoy your weekend. Ciao

I would love to help take the stigma off some French wines. I have watched this category over the years and what I see is that people are a bit intimidated by the French wine section. Maybe its because of the French language or the difficult labels on the wine bottles. However once people see how easy it is to choose a French wine over other countries it becomes a little bit more fun. So here we go. There are really only a few wines you need to know to be a pro a choosing a French wine. In France it is all about the B’s. Bordeaux, Beaujolais, and Burgundy. Bordeaux is a blended red of Merlot, Cabernet or Cabernet Franc. SO if you like a Aussie Cabernet Merlot you will love a Bordeaux. These are some of the most pricey wines in the world but you will find a lovely bottle of Bordeaux for under $20. Beaujolais is a light fruity wine which is great with all food and is easy drinking and has very low tannin’s so the wine although dry, it is a no fuss drinking now type of wine, and are again under $20. Nouveau Beaujolais only comes out on the third Thursday in November. Its the new wine of the year and is not meant to be aged but to drink now. Its light and easy to drink and is a fun hobby for some to get the new wine of the year and Celebrate the latest vintage. Burgundy is one of the least understood of the French wines. Its also one of the most expensive wines in the world. However you can depend on this wine for every meal you want to prepare as it is the very versatile Pinot Noir grape which pairs very easily with most foods, and also one of my Favorites in all countries. France makes delightful Pinot Noir in all price ranges from $15–$30 and up but it will be called Burgundy when it hails from this region in France, and the price will reflect this. Ok, so now the last one I need to outline is of course Champagne. Its a beautiful bubbly consisting of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay which is used for celebrating all of life’s great occasions. Its also very pricey but its worth every dime. Usually goes for $65.00 and up and its name can only be used for the real thing from the Champagne region of France. All other bubbly wines are called Sparkling Wines. So to describe the taste of Champagne is to say Dry, Bubbly effervescent and delightful. Try one for you next big event. Au Revoir till next time, Mary



“Mary I need your help!  Hi my name is Mary Mackay and I am a product specialist with the Nova Scotia liquor Corporation, and I love sharing my product knowledge with everyone who needs me.

I have worked since 1985 with this company and I want to share my information and help others learn as I have about the world of Spirits, Wine and Beer!

Hi Mary I am having corn Beef and cabbage, please help me find a wine for this meal” This meal requires something like a Merlot, or Pinot Noir, something not too heavy. or for you white wine drinkers, Pinot Grigio,  Or Riesling will do nicely.